2017 SHORTLIST for Historical Fiction post-1750s


The GOETHE Writing Competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Historical Fiction post-1750s. The GOETHE Book Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions.

Link to list of the Chanticleer / Goethe Writing Competition Short-list:


What the Chanticleer / Goethe Writing Competition had to say about The Passion of Marta:

January 21, 2018

Hi Caren,

Congratulations, your novel has made it to the SHORT List for the GOETHE Book Awards for Historic post-1750s Fiction, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards.  Well done, your hard work has been rewarded!

Congratulations that your work has made it this far in this fiercely competitive writing competition!

Kind regards,

Kathryn “Kiffer” Brown | CEO