The Passion of Marta

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Year: 2017

Price: $15.99

Available in: Paperback or Kindle (Amazon)

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The night young Marta Lindauer first hears the sound of Leopold Wilhelm’s exquisite lady’s violin, an ancient spirit awakens within her and she is overwhelmed by the desire to learn how to play those beautiful haunting melodies.

Her brother’s bar mitzvah teacher, Ascher Thanhausser, bears witness as Marta’s consuming desire to play the violin compels her down a path of secrecy and deception at the Lindauer inn.  When tragic events ensue, he finds himself inextricably bound.

In her diary, seven years later, Marta writes the story of her life.  What profound truths lie hidden in the deepest, secret heart of this gifted 16-year-old girl?  What surprises await?

Set in 1780’s Germany, The Passion of Marta is an epic journey into the heart of human fallibility – where the tangled complexity of treachery, deceit and betrayal is tempered by hope and the enduring power of love.